Lease of channels

Create the reliable high speed connection, connect the office to wide area network, and incorporate head office with branch. Timely resolution of these issues may become crucial in competitive struggle and strategic decision-making.

High speeds for any information

For corporate clients and communications providers the Dataline company rents out digital dedicated links with bandwidth capability of N*1 Gbit/s. The link provides any information extant at high speed: data, audio and video, video streaming.

Company offers communication channels efficient organization

Dataline Company possesses its own fiber-optic network in Kiev and number of regional cities. In addition, Dataline Company’s telecommunications network is integrated with leading Ukrainian and international operators’ networks. 

Due to Dataline Company communication centers layout structure within the territory of Ukraine and abroad, the communication centers lease can be arranged as follows:

  • Within one city for local networks interaction
  • In several localities for communication with long-distance information resources
  • In different countries over DLD (domestic long distance) and international communicating channels

Dataline Company digital communicating channels lease advantages:

  • Economic benefits due to Dataline investments into communicating channels construction
  • Sufficient cost saving on telephonic communication services upon provided channel utilization

High security level of information transferred due to single internal secure data and voice communication network

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