Corporate networks

One of major tasks to be solved for modern company's successful operation is information availability and actuality, which ensures technologic and business processes.

Intelligent multi-service corporate data-communication networks form the basis for new services development, which allows arranging the work of various services employees with dispatch.

Advanced corporate network is integrated environment that provides all kinds of telecommunications services – conventional data function, telephony, videoconference and video services broadcasting; access-control mechanisms, securing and video monitoring integration.

The essential component elements of corporate network are mobility means and comprehensive data transmission security facilities.

Dataline Company has sufficient experience in corporate networks construction and maintenance for the leading Ukrainian companies.

Among Company's clients are large national and foreign banking establishments, industrial consortiums, state and institutional organizations. All Company's clients were able to see the true value of the corporate networks construction major benefits:

  • Common information area availability
  • Data accessing operational efficiency and possibility to form consolidated accounts of company's level
  • Financial and informational data flow centralization
  • Possibility of efficient information collection and processing
  • Cost cutout in the process of server solutions. Transition from working groups' solutions to company's level solutions
  • Possibility of multimedia data flows processing between office sites
  • Cost cutout on communication between company's departments, unified numbering space arrangement
  • Possibility of video monitoring system arrangement based on company's IP network
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